Sustainability programs are gaining ground
Making money and doing the right thing don’t often go hand-in-hand, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, now in only its seventh year, is proof that businesses can do both. Moreover, the program influences consumers’ buying habits across
 New products take on a European flavor
As a longtime observer of product development in the seafood category, I have noticed a global cross-pollination of new-product ideas recently. This isn’t surprising, since food developers, marketers and consumers are all traveling more and being exposed to new cultures
 Gulf receives $150M in hurricane relief
The Gulf Coast seafood industry will receive $150 million in federal aid as part of a $94.5 billion war and hurricane-relief spending bill passed by Congress last month. It comes 10-plus months after Hurricane ?Katrina devastated the region. But
 Retail Report; Shrimp tops crustacean-category sales
Crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, crawfish/crayfish and lobsters) lead the seafood department in contribution to total department dollar sales, with a national average of 40.3 percent for the 52 weeks ending March 31, 2006. During that time, weekly sales of crustaceans
 The events that have shaped SFB
1981 Name changes from Pacific Packer’s Report to Seafood Business Report 1984 Frequency changes from ?quarterly to bimonthly; new tagline: “The magazine of ?seafood marketing and ?management” 1986 Name shortened to ? Seafood Business
 Retailers help consumers plan seafood purchases
At the grocery seafood counter, a colorful display of fresh, beautiful whole fish, fillets and shellfish is essential for capturing the attention of passing shoppers. But marketing to consumers before they enter the store is just as important as the
 Happy 25th, SeaFood Business!
Welcome to SeaFood Business ’ 25th anniversary celebration! Join us as we look back at two-plus decades of change in both the industry and this publication. Stocks of some species have risen and fallen. New farmed species such as tilapia
 Tuna industry, scientists blast Consumer Reports
An article in this month’s issue of Consumer Reports recommends that pregnant women avoid eating canned tuna. The magazine, which has a circulation of 4 million and reaches millions more with its Web site,, went even further by recommending
 Pacific white shrimp
Whether they’re farm-raised in Asia and Latin America or wild-caught from the west coast of Mexico to northern Peru, Pacific whites are burgeoning in popularity, thanks to ramped-up global production and a lengthening list of U.S. foodservice and retail customers.
 As casual seafood grows, competition heats up
Applebee’s co-founder Bill Palmer scoured the country in the late 1990s searching for an underdeveloped niche in which to launch a new casual-dining concept. He determined that the casual-seafood scene, dominated by Red Lobster and mom-and-pop seafood shacks, was