Shellfish Focus: Snow crab
The news is either good or bad, depending on where you sit, when it comes to potential snow crab supplies for 2006.
 Shellfish Update – Blue Crab
Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Louisiana fishing industry — which accounts for about 30 percent of the domestic blue-crab catch — pushed crab prices up by double digits last month for some Gulf-area dealers.
 Shellfish Update – King Crab
Ample supplies of Russian product, coupled with a new management system for Alaska’s crab fisheries, is making for a placid market for king crab as 2006 approaches.
 Shellfish: Clams
The market for surf clams, described by one processor as the “Cadillac of clams” because of its culinary versatility, has been a smooth ride for the past several of years.
 Shellfish Focus – Squid
While demand for squid is expanding worldwide, global production is in decline.
 Shellfish Focus – Pacific white shrimp
All it takes is a glance at production figures to realize that Pacific whites (Penaeus vannamei) are quickly emerging from the shadow of black tigers (P. monodon) to captivate the shrimp-farming world.
 Shellfish Update: Lobster
In Maine, the domestic leader of lobster landings, it boils down to anyone’s guess as to why the summer catch was off — way off. It’s also anyone’s guess as to why landings started to pick up in the fall.
 Shellfish Update: Shrimp
Black tigers (Penaeus monodon) ruled the shrimp-farming world in the 1990s; global cultivation of the species totaled around 600,000 metric tons annually.
 Shellfish Update: Mussels
Mussels are more popular with American consumers than ever, as menus across the United States will attest.
 Finfish Update: Catfish
Domestic catfish sales through August are off slightly for the second consecutive year, but a nudge up in prices helped offset the downward trend in supply.