Russia in transition; why any future trade with the Russian ​Federation will be on very different terms to those of the past
The trade embargo that was introduced by Russia in response to economic sanctions against Moscow over the Ukrainian conflict is now into its fourth year after being extended twice. The ban has disrupted markets all over the world, with seafood supply chains particularly affected as producers and exporters sought alternative markets for the fish that continued to be caught and harvested, reports Jason Holland
 Fish and Brexit
On 23rd June, 2016 a referendum in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age could take part was held in Britain to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union. I have still to understand why, but anyway almost 52% of the British voted to leave the EU, while 48% preferred to stay, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami.
 Sea Harvest desalination plant complete
The installation of Sea Harvest’s desalination plant has been completed with capacity to supply the company’s operations with all the water needed at its at its Saldanha Bay plant in South Africa.
 New Stormline glove-friendly zippers
Wet weather gear brand Stormline has designed a new range of waterproof workwear including glove-friendly zips for people working in the aquaculture and fish farming sectors.
 Danish solutions to help Scotland’s aquaculture ambitions
Danish suppliers are set to explore the Scottish aquaculture industry at Aquaculture UK following a networking meeting in Denmark attended by Scottish aquaculture industry representatives to share growth plans.
 Commercial wave energy project in Cape Verde
Renewables developer SINN Power has signed an agreement with a local aquaculture firm to begin the company’s first commercial wave energy project in Cape Verde.
 Tackling the setup of offshore processes bottom-up at OMC Asia 2018
The final programme for Offshore Mariculture Asia has now been released, systematically covering the multiple stages involved in the process of moving your operations offshore.
 Ecuadorian fisheries association joins IPNLF
Ecuadorian fisheries association Cooperativa Cañeros de Manta has become the latest Member of the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF).
 PNA skipjack and yellowfin fishery MSC recertified
The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) free-school skipjack & yellowfin tuna fishery has been recertified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
 EU strengthens Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries conservation and control
The European Commission has proposed to transpose a number of measures previously agreed at international level into EU law.