Consumed by Seafood

My life has been consumed by seafood.

I’ve always enjoyed seafood.  Some of my earliest food memories involve things Piscean, from the fried flounder at Grandpa’s favorite restaurant, “The Syracuse” (located, oddly enough, in Buffalo, NY) to tagging after my older brothers on various trout streams in Western Pennsylvania, to family celebrations at Barnacle Bill’s on West 12th Street in Erie, PA.

I remember stopping after church at that upstart restaurant, McDonald’s, for Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes all around.  Imagine my delight, over twenty years later, to work as Research Chef for Friendly’s, where I had unlimited access to Fishamajig sandwiches on “set ups”.  It helped, at the time, to be blessed with a younger man’s metabolism!

My tastes have matured over the years.  I’d far rather dine on a perfectly prepared Alaska Sockeye Salmon filet than a fried fish sandwich, now.  Give me seared scallops and risotto over a fried fisherman’s platter any day.  Wellfleet oysters on the half shell win out over fried clam bellies.  This is not to say that I don’t occasionally enjoy those flavors and textures from my younger years.   But my palate has expanded (as has my waistband) and my repertoire has grown, praise Neptune!

Now I find myself enjoying one of life’s greatest blessings…being paid to do what I would gladly do for free.  Cooking and enjoying seafood; for me, that defines hog heaven.

And now Orca Bay has gilded the lily, so to speak.  We’ve launched this blog and given me a chance to write about what I’m cooking, what recipes I’m reading, what I’m learning about seafood and the people and places that provide us this amazing bounty.   It would be conceit on my part to think that anyone would actually read, let alone enjoy, these words.  But for me, it is unbridled joy!

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