Orca Bay Partners with Amazon Fresh
In an effort to expand its local reach we have partnered with online giant Amazon.com to offer our premium frozen seafood products through the Amazon Fresh™ online grocery system to select cities across the Seattle/Puget Sound region. Our products were first made available in December of 2010 and have already been proven successful.

In a business where so much is driven by price rather than product quality,we constantly works to provide great-tasting, high-quality, safe, consistent and reliable products that are now readily available for online purchase. With over 20 available products currently offered on Amazon Fresh™ ranging from Orca Bay Alaska Sockeye Salmon to Halibut and Cioppino. Whatever your seafood pleasure might be we are sure to have your favorite.

To browse our selection of products available on Amazon, please visit: http://fresh.amazon.com/Search?brand=Orca+Bay

Orca Bay Seafoods is a leading North American seafood processor and distributor since 1985. Based out of Renton, WA, Orca Bay distributes retail and foodservice seafood products, including their own Orca Bay brand club store and 10oz retail lines. Visit orcabayseafoods.com for more information.

Amazon Fresh is a subsidiary of the Amazon.com, an online retailer located in Seattle, Washington. It is reviving the business model of ordering groceries online for home delivery with same or next day delivery of almost everything you want to buy – from fresh produce, meat, and seafood to diapers, DVDs, and toys – in the Seattle area.

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 Name the Whale Contest!

Head over to http://spyhop.orcabayseafoods.com/name-the-whale/ at a chance of winning $500 in excellent Seafood products!

 Road To Boston Part 2

This week we’ve been testing fitting new booth materials, which include two new large stand up banners with built in shelves to display our products. We cater to both retail and food service so we want to make sure that both have an equal presence on the floor. These are only a couple new elements we’ll be bringing. Don’t forget to visit us in booth #347 http://www.bostonseafood.com

 SteamWell Entrée Salmon Wins First Place!

On a cold winter’s evening in Anchorage, Alaska culinary magic was happening as a handful of the best tasters in town were at the Alaska Symphony of Seafood annual competition tasting, analyzing and judging some of the newest Alaska seafood products to hit the market.

Among the entrants was Orca Bay Seafoods SteamWell Entrée Sockeye Salmon with Tuscan Herb Sauce which was entered into the New Retail Products category.  We’re proud to announce that our submission won first place! Many thanks go out to the Alaska Symphony of Seafood and the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation for the most generous prize and for putting on a great event!

 Finger Licking Oven-Roasted Dungeness Crab

Orca Bay is in the process of printing new boxes for our Dungeness Crab.  The boxes will contain 1-1/2 lb. of crab claws and legs.  The terrible, tedious task of creating a recipe to print on that box fell on my shoulders.  Oh, the stress of it all!

What I’ve concocted is a way to oven-roast these sweet morsels, then use some of the flavoring ingredients to create a dipping sauce for the ‘picked’ meat when you’re all done.   The spicy heat from the cayenne pepper is tasted first, but then clears the palate, leaving the sweet flavor of the crab to linger.

 The Road to Boston…


We’re just over a month away from the biggest Seafood show on the planet. Thousands of exhibitors, buyers, sellers, chefs and plain old seafood connoisseurs will make their way to the Boston International Seafood Show March 20-22 to once again pitch their product or services upon the masses.

Once again, Orca Bay Seafoods will be in attendance in booth 347 with a whole new design and mission. Another addition for us at the show this year will be our new Steamwell Entree items, these items will be on display in the New Product Showcase. In the coming weeks heading up to the show, we’ll provide you with updates and even our thoughts from the exhibit floor so be sure to check back in!

 Atlantic salmon from Chile?

The other day we received an email from a customer inquiring about Atlantic salmon.  He had picked up a package of Atlantic salmon and noticed that it had the words, “Product of Chile,” printed on it.  He wondered how this could possibly be, as Chile is situated on the Pacific, not Atlantic, Ocean?

 Consumed by Seafood

My life has been consumed by seafood.

I’ve always enjoyed seafood.  Some of my earliest food memories involve things Piscean, from the fried flounder at Grandpa’s favorite restaurant, “The Syracuse” (located, oddly enough, in Buffalo, NY) to tagging after my older brothers on various trout streams in Western Pennsylvania, to family celebrations at Barnacle Bill’s on West 12th Street in Erie, PA.

I remember stopping after church at that upstart restaurant, McDonald’s, for Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes all around.  Imagine my delight, over twenty years later, to work as Research Chef for Friendly’s, where I had unlimited access to Fishamajig sandwiches on “set ups”.  It helped, at the time, to be blessed with a younger man’s metabolism!

 Welcome to SpyHop!

Welcome to the newly enhanced SpyHop blog by Orca Bay Seafoods!

orcabayseafoods-spyhop-banner Orca Bay has been in business for over 25 years and with that much time we’re bound to accumulate some knowledge of our industry. Some of you may know that we do a monthly newsletter on the happenings of the seafood industry, mainly targeting specific species of seafood, how they are selling and the predictions for the up and coming seasons.

We’re taking that same principal and expanding it and putting it out for you to read, share and follow. Whether it is our monthly species update, insider news and tips, hot new recipes, tips and insights from our chef or just whatever is on our mind, you’ll be able to find it here. So thank you for reading and enjoy our new blog! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and be like our Facebook page while you’re here!

- Orca Bay Seafoods